Start of a new chapter!

Whilst driving back from Austria having had our annual snowboarding fix with our friends, my husband and I start chatting about what we wanted to do for the next few years. Well we do have 12 hours or more travelling to fill, so we needed to do something.

We started off by talking about what we enjoyed, which when we summed it up, it was all about making people smile and creating happiness. Our love for creating events and entertainment places for our family, friends and work colleagues meant we were ideally placed to deliver some form of hospitality service that focuses on its customers by providing a premium customer service and exceptional value.

Out came the iPad and off I went asking Google lots of unanswerable questions but then something caught my eye; a three wheeled Italian Ape and a 1969 VW camper van that had been converted to a mobile bar. Why did these catch my attention? Well I’m a bit of a classic car buff having owned 2 classic Minis (1995 and 2001) and enjoyed the thrill of a no-frills sports car, Honda S2000.

We arrived and there it was, the 1969 VW Camper Van with its top open ready for me, together with the little Italian dream tuk tuk, to look over while chat through what it was we could be buying. We also got introduced to the reason they had decide to sell it, a little bundle of fun that was completely unexpected for them. Beware was the message as they weren’t the first owners to be selling the business due to an unexpected bundle of joy. Oh yep I thought.

Converted Van Bars - VW Camper and Piaggio Tuk Tuk

After many hours of conversation and another visit the to see the vans, we had finally agreed to buy it, lock, stock and all the barrels. Now to find out what we don’t know…