What should I offer my guests at my wedding reception?

What to offer your guests on arrival is a topic of conversation we often have with the bride and groom when booking with us. The traditional choice has been champagne but sparkling wine, like Prosecco, is great alternative these days.
Glasses of Prosecco

Now, how many of you have seen half full glasses left of the sparkling wine? Not everyone likes champagne or sparkling wine so what do you do? You want to provide your guests with a welcome drink but what drinks should you provide?
There are lots of choices:
  • Summer wedding, iced tea makes a refreshing opening drink that can be made either as an alcoholic or nor alcoholic drink. Fresh ingredients are the key and served in long glasses with plenty of ice for maximum flavour.
  • Jugs of Pimms served with lots of fresh fruit, mint and cucumber for a refreshing summer wedding drink.
  • Mojitos are hard not to smile over. They are crisp, cool and always a favourite at the cocktail bar. A generous hand with the mint means they will not only taste great but look stunning as they come over the bar.

Alternatively, you can include a personalised drinks voucher with your wedding invites and allow the guest to trade this in at the bar for a drink of their choosing. You could limit the drink choices to ensure people don’t go silly with your money.
Welcome / Arrival Drinks Vouchers

This ensure there is no wastage (half glasses of sparkling wine) and enables you to focus on your special day whilst ensuring everyone has had a drink on you.
I have to say, the idea behind the drinks voucher isn’t mine but my wife’s and it’s gone down a storm with all the events which have used it.